The hats from the Practical Goose are thoroughly researched and are based on either extant pieces or paintings from the period. They are hand knitted and fulled. They are knitted using 100% natural materials and in some cases hand dyed using natural dyes to achieve the correct color.
   When ordering please use the # with the hat and the word hat.
Example: hat 0, please include head size (either hat size or you head
size in inches) and color.

Hat 0
- One pound monmoth also known as "Peter the Great" style. ........$75

Hat 1- The scottish Bonnet worn by proud Scot's men for

Hat 2- Tall Flemish style seen in many 15th century

Hat 3- Monmoth cap- this comes in two styles -with a brim and without as
described in the Gunnister finds....(Hat 3 A) without brim $30
(Hat 3 B) with a brim  $32

Hat 4-  Well, these are garters, used to hold up the stockings tied just
below the knee.     $5

Hat 5- Glengarry- this is a late 18 to early 20th century Scottish hat.

Hat 6-Split brim, this is a late 15th C- into the 16th century
hat.       $45

Hat 7- Rolled brim hat. Usually seen in red in paintings of the 15th
century.   $35

Hat 8- Purses, not hats, these type of purses were found in the
Gunnister find of the late 17th century. However, this style was used
all through the 17th c. Usually worn under a bit of clothing to protect
them from cut purses..................$25

Hat 9- Thrummer, worn by sailors and the like from the early 16th
century to the late 18th century. Usually in red but can be made in any
color.............$45 (two styles available- dome and sugar loaf)

Hat 10-
(not yet pictured) "Pileus quadratus" or the Doctors Biretta
seen in painting and wood cuts from the 15th century to the 17th century.  $47

-*Any of these can be made in any color however, a non-refundable
deposit of  20% is required.  These hats have a 30 day  return policy.
If the hat does not fit it may be returned within thirty days after
notifying the Practical Goose, for an exchange for a different size. All
hats are subject to a 25% restocking charge if returned for any other

reason than size.